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Chickens and a Cardinal

The boys went to tend to the chicken chores yesterday morning. When they walked into the run they found a cardinal that was trapped. Our guess? He go in through a small hole I’m the plastic roofing and couldn’t find himself a way out. So, what do children do? They caught it of course!

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Many of us just celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. As I soak in the spring season, after a full year of seasons, I realize that it’s also a reason of resurrection for the earth. What once was dead, we are watching come back to life. It’s truly a beautiful time that I can say I have never fully appreciated.

In this season we also celebrate the Mother’s and Father’s in our life. These people aren’t always the ones that have ‘given you life’. Many have never had children of their own. Mother’s, father’s, grandparents, aunts, uncles and those that we call aunts and uncles because they ARE family…

Many people & relationships impact our lives, the old, the new, the long, the short. They all matter. I hope we can all celebrate those this season that in many ways, give us life, and carry us through. Make that call, write the letter, send a card, share a smile, give a hug and let those people know they are loved.

I know there are many struggling in this season with hurt, loss, pain. If you would like an ear, need extra prayer, let us know, we are happy to be here for you. You are loved, wanted and a beautiful person, created by the one true God.

May you be blessed in the beautiful life!

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I am sharing pictures of what has been going on the last month; Some this momma took, some the children did. However, its only pictures, I’m not captioning any of it. Of course we will be happy to answer any of your questions! Love ya’ll!

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Large Family Pancakes

These are our favorite go to on a morning I haven’t bulked up my sourdough starter for sourdough pancakes! We top these with some basic syrup for everyday, or for birthdays we top with fresh fruit, chocolate chips or mini candies like those little lovely candy coated rainbow colored chocolate and whip cream. Sometimes we heat the syrup with frozen berries on the stove over a med-low heat. Possibilities are endless!

Feel free to add in what you like!


  • 6 cups flour (any kind works, I’ve tried white flour, fresh ground wheat flour or a combination of the 2)
  • * 3 tsp pink salt * 3 tsp baking soda * 6 cups buttermilk ( I usually make it with 6 tbsp vinegar in a 8c measuring cup then top off to the 6 c mark. * 3 eggs * 3 tbsp refined coconut oil, melted


  1. Mix the flour and salt together
  2. 2. Dump in the baking powder and milk, mix 3. mix in the eggs and milk 4. Lastly, add the oil 5. Ladleon to oiled cooking surface, we use a lot of cast iron around here, when pancakes are starting to dry at the edges and bubbles are popping, flip and let cook till golden

God bless and I hope you enjoy!

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Big Batch Banana Muffins

These muffins can be made and frozen to have for anytime!

These bake up much faster at muffins but feel free to use this as a banana bread, I can get 3 loaves in my 12×4 in loaves but in a standard 9×5 loaf pan you should be able to get 4. Fill the bread pans no more than 2/3 full though!


  • 3 c of sugar
  • * 2 c softened butter * 8 eggs * 8 ripe bananas, mashed * 1 1/3 milk ( regular, or unsweetend almond or cashew milk) * 4 tsp vanilla, homemade is my favorite and so easy! Honestly I don’t really measure… * 8 c flour * 4 tsp baking soda * 2 tsp salt * 2 c chocolate chips, or the mini ones, you could sup nuts here too, or do a combo of both!


  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. 2. spray your muffin pans (i like the large 24 cup pans for this) – alternatively you could use paperliners, but why?! 3. Cream together your butter and sugar in a large bowl until light and fluffy 4. Add in eggs, bananas, milk and vanilla 5. Mix in the flour, baking soda and salt – DO NOT OVER MIX 6. Fold in the chocolate chips 7. Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup or my favorite “cookie scoop” scoop batter into muffin holes and bake for 25 – 30 min 8. let cool in the pan for 10 min if you are not using the paper liners before removing to a cooling rack, or slathering on a bit of butter and sipping some black coffee

If you make these let me know how they turned out for you! I just remembered I need to go get my last bag out of the freezer for tomorrow. God bless!

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Largest Garden EVER

Okay at least for us, this is the largest garden we have ever attempted. I’m also attempting to start a lot from seed, NOT in the ground. There are a lot of firsts for us in this garden too. One is a potato patch! Doug was able to get some wood from his work so he has been busy building me “stuff”. We have a table we plan on making out of a stump and a spool, he’s been working on a chicken run as well, hopefully the foxes don’t get them this time! None of it is quite done, but now we have to wait for it to dry up just a little again. I have plans for asparagus, strawberries, onions, garlic, beets and kale to get in the ground ASAP!

I cannot lie, I am now thinking it would be nice to have a small orchard and a separate area for a berry patch….. We will have to see what we can get in this area of about 20ft x 40ft because there are other projects that need worked on too.

I will get the pancake recipe to you next, for all my lovely people who have asked! Love you all and see you on the flip side.

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Cooking for Our Large Family, cont.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of cooked spinach, I think it tastes like dirt…

That being said, I and my children who also don’t care for spinach or other green veggies, gobbled up this lazy lasagna, *without* leaving the spinach on their plates! Seriously it’s sooooooo good. The children even asked if we could make it for our church potluck that was just a few days away at the time. How could I say no?

Somewhere between the time of making the first lazy lasagna and the second we had atleast 9 inches of snow fall. That morning was feeling like it needed a cozy breakfast. Doug stayed home this day so he actually got to eat it, I’ve been making it for years but I didn’t realize he had never had it!

Thursday morning, 7am, still with 5+ hrs of snowfall to go

Sunday morning nearly all the snow was gone already. After my first cup of coffee I got to work making the lasagna and roasted veggies. This day for my roasted veggies I tossed in a bunch of frozen vegetables including cauliflower, green beans, okra and a 2lb bag of broccoli florets. I lightly coated them in coconut oil, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, nutritional yeast and parmesan cheese. With an hour and a half to spare I decided whynot whip up a batch of Italian bread, too. I ended up late to church by about 15 min but someone has to sacrifice for the fresh bread.

I have heard many of you loud and clear and will be sharing my banana bread/muffin recipe next week! I could share all. the. things. about food, but I want to know what you guys want to hear about. What we eat in a day/week? Meal prepping and/or planning? More recipes? Let me know!

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Littlest Birthday Boy

Baby TAZ, who isn’t so baby like anymore, is loving dinosaurs, Grogru, Pikachu (because he’s yellow), just about anything yellow, especially blankets. His favorite book right now is one he got for his birthday, The Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone. We were very limited in what we could do for his birthday with his broken wrist so there was lots of board games and video games played. He’s more often then not ready to share with his brothers and sister when he gets a treat, even when he doesn’t have to. He gives the best morning cuddles, too.

It’s been a challange keeping him from using his broken arm, thankfully the cast comes off in a week or so. With the nice weather this week it’s also going to be hard to keep him from getting dirt in the cast as one of his favorite activities is digging and he is very eager to use his new sand toys treasure chest he got for his birthday.

He had such a hard time decided what he wanted for his birthday dessert. I decided to take him to the store to pick out what he wanted, he settles on cupcakes with rings on top and neapolitan ice cream. He decided it was the best day ever and is already working on his plans for when he turns 6!

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Cooking for Our Large Family

Hello! Sorry it’s been so long but this momma was on the struggle bus. Nothing serious just a couple weeks of survival mode, so there’s lots to catch up on.

First up, I turned our large banana bread recipe into muffins and added walnuts a few weeks ago (the walnuts were not a huge hit with some of the kids, oh well its food in their bellies if they’re hungry). It ended up making 4 dozen regular muffins with a few jumbos to send to work with Doug. Two weeks later now, we still have a dozen in the freezer for a quick easy breakfast or snack. We usually pair them with fruit and or yogurt. If you want me to share my version or any other recipes let me know in the comments.

We also had a birthday in the beginning of the month, baby TAZ isn’t so baby like anymore… cue momma crying. Birthday’s around here usually mean pancakes or waffles for breakfast. The blackstone has certainly changed our breakfast game around here, especially in the nicer weather. We decided to do cinnamon banana pancakes, which the majority of the family topped with peanut butter and syrup.

Doug got me an air fryer for my birthday this year and I am loving it! I use it mostly for my lunches to do a quick frozen fish lunch like this salad. I also like to throw veggies in, such as okra, broccoli and brussel sprouts. We typically use frozen for ease and affordability.

I’ve got plenty more food pictures to share but I will end this here to not bombard you with my love of cooking of food. Be prepared for more posts as we have been very busy getting ready for chicks and the garden season, also have a few pictures to share of our birthday boy this month. I’ve also been busy with some new crochet projects that I can share as well.

May God bless you today and please share with me your favorite meals to make/eat!

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A Time of Reflection

View from the front window

February 20, 2021 – We started our journey from Arizona to Kansas. Something the Lord had put on our hearts for a loooooong time! He gave me a dream the summer before and Kansas was literally spelled out in neon lights. We even looked in other states, offers and houses fell through many times. The evening of this day a miracle and what seemed like a tragedy hit. We rolled our trailer with the majority of our belongings in it. Doug was driving the van with three of the children with him. By the grace of God, and my VERY LOUD prayers, the van stayed upright and everyone was safe! But now we were stuck in Albuquerque, NM.

February 21, 2021 – We woke up to immediately hunt for a moving truck and to get us out of the city. We had extra family traveling with us to help us move. I was soooooooo grateful. We got quite the run around, we had to go across town to find the only 20ft truck anywhere near the metro area. Then the work came, we had to unload our 26ft trailer and van into a 20ft moving truck with only 3 of us. We also had to leave room so we could empty out my grandmothers van of stuff so we would have room for the children that were in the van. We did it, we got to keep about 90% of our things! We had to unfortunately leave our chest freezer and Refrigerator behind due to no space as well. In the end, we got out of the city that night and made it to Santa Rosa. Whew, that was a sign of relief for all of us!

February 22, 2021 – The day we expected to make it in and unload the trailer…. didn’t happen since we were delayed a day! But we did make it all the way into a town near by. Decided to get another hotel because the beds were all buried in the back of the Penske truck.

February 23, 2021 – Birthday wished come true! Once the accident happened, all I told Doug was that I wanted our home for my birthday. Well, bright and early this day we headed to the house to unload the Penske and another vehicle and small trailer. Our awesome neighbor, you know who you are, called Doug that morning wondering where we were since we weren’t in when we told him we would be. To say the least, when we pulled in he was ready to help unload so we could go get the rest of the family from the hotel before checkout time. It only took us an hour and a half or so. My poor neighbor though had no idea how many boxes of books he would be unloading, haha.

Once we got everyone “home,” Doug and I headed to the nearest Sam’s club to get groceries and cheesecake, because that was my only other birthday wish, ha! We all collapsed that night, but my Nana and Auntie T stayed up to have cheese cake with me, and just take a deep breath for a moment. We were on one heck of a roller coaster ride…