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THM Bootcamp results

In the beginning of this year I was able to join a 6 week bootcamp with a THM (Trim Healthy Mama) coach. I was tired of being tired, fighting against inflammation and wanted to be a little lighter on my feet. I chose bootcamp because the accountability REALLY helps me stay on track. What helps you stay on track when your aiming for a goal?

Here are just a few of the meals I’ve been eating…

I’ve been eating MORE food, and more frequently. My biggest take away from this round of bootcamp, was finally, FINALLY, I figured out how to make eating healthy, whole food easier than not. Also, how to make it work for me. Something clicked after 5 yrs with THM, a mindset shift, if you will, that has made it all easier this time around.

All this said, are you ready for the results?

I thought so…

I have lost 11.8lbs and 10 inches since January 3rd. Nothing crazy dramatic. But I am fitting into old clothes again, and I have more energy, confidence and stamina.

I am currently working though another bootcamp that runs for another 7 weeks or so, The Diastasis Bootcamp Fix, with my now friend Olivia Cagle. I love her! I have been moving very slowly this time round. Currently only on Week 1, day 5 I believe. That’s what happens though when you fall down the stairs backwards carelessly at 4 am! Ha, I’m ok, just threw myself more out of whack than I thought.

So now I want to know, what are you working on right now? What goals, short or long term are in your focus? What is helping you stay on track, or do you need to look for an accountability partner? I’d love to know. 😉