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Cooking at home vs. Buying at McDonalds – large family style

The math is simple and for as much as we would have to order out I believe cooking at home saves us time as well.

This morning I made what would be 18 sausage egg Mcmuffins for our crew. Here’s what we would’ve paid if we went to Mcdonalds…

Here’s what a grocery order would be and there would be left over cheese and sausage. I also tend to buy most of these in bulk or get eggs from our chickens!

Now, I know not everyone need to make this quantity but it really does show how different it can be. Which would you choose? To each their own!

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Cooking for Our Large Family

Hello! Sorry it’s been so long but this momma was on the struggle bus. Nothing serious just a couple weeks of survival mode, so there’s lots to catch up on.

First up, I turned our large banana bread recipe into muffins and added walnuts a few weeks ago (the walnuts were not a huge hit with some of the kids, oh well its food in their bellies if they’re hungry). It ended up making 4 dozen regular muffins with a few jumbos to send to work with Doug. Two weeks later now, we still have a dozen in the freezer for a quick easy breakfast or snack. We usually pair them with fruit and or yogurt. If you want me to share my version or any other recipes let me know in the comments.

We also had a birthday in the beginning of the month, baby TAZ isn’t so baby like anymore… cue momma crying. Birthday’s around here usually mean pancakes or waffles for breakfast. The blackstone has certainly changed our breakfast game around here, especially in the nicer weather. We decided to do cinnamon banana pancakes, which the majority of the family topped with peanut butter and syrup.

Doug got me an air fryer for my birthday this year and I am loving it! I use it mostly for my lunches to do a quick frozen fish lunch like this salad. I also like to throw veggies in, such as okra, broccoli and brussel sprouts. We typically use frozen for ease and affordability.

I’ve got plenty more food pictures to share but I will end this here to not bombard you with my love of cooking of food. Be prepared for more posts as we have been very busy getting ready for chicks and the garden season, also have a few pictures to share of our birthday boy this month. I’ve also been busy with some new crochet projects that I can share as well.

May God bless you today and please share with me your favorite meals to make/eat!