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Many of us just celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. As I soak in the spring season, after a full year of seasons, I realize that it’s also a reason of resurrection for the earth. What once was dead, we are watching come back to life. It’s truly a beautiful time that I can say I have never fully appreciated.

In this season we also celebrate the Mother’s and Father’s in our life. These people aren’t always the ones that have ‘given you life’. Many have never had children of their own. Mother’s, father’s, grandparents, aunts, uncles and those that we call aunts and uncles because they ARE family…

Many people & relationships impact our lives, the old, the new, the long, the short. They all matter. I hope we can all celebrate those this season that in many ways, give us life, and carry us through. Make that call, write the letter, send a card, share a smile, give a hug and let those people know they are loved.

I know there are many struggling in this season with hurt, loss, pain. If you would like an ear, need extra prayer, let us know, we are happy to be here for you. You are loved, wanted and a beautiful person, created by the one true God.

May you be blessed in the beautiful life!