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A Search for Earth

On this bright sunny Thursday in January we went on a search for rocks. Definitely not as easy as it is in Arizona, nor is it all that easy in the middle of winter.  It was a decent day in the low 40’s, but this momma was reluctant to take on such a task.  It was a part of our geology study we are doing, so it became a school trip and a “relaxing” walk for mom.

The kids mostly had a good time, and wanted to keep exploring the creek, but I was still sore from a preventable fall.  Each child had an egg carton and everyone came home with nearly a full carton of rocks, some were overflowing.  Over all it was a good day and a successful school day! It’s a win!

Headed Home
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A Warm Few Days in January

 The past few days have been beautiful! We’ve been above 50 degrees in the afternoons, which means after lunch almost everyone has gone for a walk to play at the park. The equipment is still freezing so most of them just ran around playing football or running up and down the bleachers, some find the remaining snow spots to jump in or kicks around.  I’ve been trying to get my walks in daily, not as easy as I’d like it to be but they are getting done! Here’s some pictures we took on one of the days, Lucas decided to stay home and enjoy the quiet this day.

Tracks some of the children wanted to take a picture of.