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Littlest Birthday Boy

Baby TAZ, who isn’t so baby like anymore, is loving dinosaurs, Grogru, Pikachu (because he’s yellow), just about anything yellow, especially blankets. His favorite book right now is one he got for his birthday, The Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone. We were very limited in what we could do for his birthday with his broken wrist so there was lots of board games and video games played. He’s more often then not ready to share with his brothers and sister when he gets a treat, even when he doesn’t have to. He gives the best morning cuddles, too.

It’s been a challange keeping him from using his broken arm, thankfully the cast comes off in a week or so. With the nice weather this week it’s also going to be hard to keep him from getting dirt in the cast as one of his favorite activities is digging and he is very eager to use his new sand toys treasure chest he got for his birthday.

He had such a hard time decided what he wanted for his birthday dessert. I decided to take him to the store to pick out what he wanted, he settles on cupcakes with rings on top and neapolitan ice cream. He decided it was the best day ever and is already working on his plans for when he turns 6!

2 thoughts on “Littlest Birthday Boy

  1. Hard to believe your baby is 5! He’s a doll. I didn’t know he broke his arm! You all seem so happy, and that makes me happy, too. Sending hugs.


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