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Largest Garden EVER

Okay at least for us, this is the largest garden we have ever attempted. I’m also attempting to start a lot from seed, NOT in the ground. There are a lot of firsts for us in this garden too. One is a potato patch! Doug was able to get some wood from his work so he has been busy building me “stuff”. We have a table we plan on making out of a stump and a spool, he’s been working on a chicken run as well, hopefully the foxes don’t get them this time! None of it is quite done, but now we have to wait for it to dry up just a little again. I have plans for asparagus, strawberries, onions, garlic, beets and kale to get in the ground ASAP!

I cannot lie, I am now thinking it would be nice to have a small orchard and a separate area for a berry patch….. We will have to see what we can get in this area of about 20ft x 40ft because there are other projects that need worked on too.

I will get the pancake recipe to you next, for all my lovely people who have asked! Love you all and see you on the flip side.

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