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Large Family Pancakes

These are our favorite go to on a morning I haven’t bulked up my sourdough starter for sourdough pancakes! We top these with some basic syrup for everyday, or for birthdays we top with fresh fruit, chocolate chips or mini candies like those little lovely candy coated rainbow colored chocolate and whip cream. Sometimes we heat the syrup with frozen berries on the stove over a med-low heat. Possibilities are endless!

Feel free to add in what you like!


  • 6 cups flour (any kind works, I’ve tried white flour, fresh ground wheat flour or a combination of the 2)
  • * 3 tsp pink salt * 3 tsp baking soda * 6 cups buttermilk ( I usually make it with 6 tbsp vinegar in a 8c measuring cup then top off to the 6 c mark. * 3 eggs * 3 tbsp refined coconut oil, melted


  1. Mix the flour and salt together
  2. 2. Dump in the baking powder and milk, mix 3. mix in the eggs and milk 4. Lastly, add the oil 5. Ladleon to oiled cooking surface, we use a lot of cast iron around here, when pancakes are starting to dry at the edges and bubbles are popping, flip and let cook till golden

God bless and I hope you enjoy!

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