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Cooking for Our Large Family, cont.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of cooked spinach, I think it tastes like dirt…

That being said, I and my children who also don’t care for spinach or other green veggies, gobbled up this lazy lasagna, *without* leaving the spinach on their plates! Seriously it’s sooooooo good. The children even asked if we could make it for our church potluck that was just a few days away at the time. How could I say no?

Somewhere between the time of making the first lazy lasagna and the second we had atleast 9 inches of snow fall. That morning was feeling like it needed a cozy breakfast. Doug stayed home this day so he actually got to eat it, I’ve been making it for years but I didn’t realize he had never had it!

Thursday morning, 7am, still with 5+ hrs of snowfall to go

Sunday morning nearly all the snow was gone already. After my first cup of coffee I got to work making the lasagna and roasted veggies. This day for my roasted veggies I tossed in a bunch of frozen vegetables including cauliflower, green beans, okra and a 2lb bag of broccoli florets. I lightly coated them in coconut oil, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, nutritional yeast and parmesan cheese. With an hour and a half to spare I decided whynot whip up a batch of Italian bread, too. I ended up late to church by about 15 min but someone has to sacrifice for the fresh bread.

I have heard many of you loud and clear and will be sharing my banana bread/muffin recipe next week! I could share all. the. things. about food, but I want to know what you guys want to hear about. What we eat in a day/week? Meal prepping and/or planning? More recipes? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Cooking for Our Large Family, cont.

  1. That sounds yummy 🤤 But it seems like all you have time for I cooking !! I know you love cooking ❤️😘🎉👍


    1. Thankfully all the meals are pretty quick and easy. Sunday morning I spent less than 30 min in the kitchen cooking and assembling everything. Dutch babies are also a quick easy meal, even with slicing and cooking apples!


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