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Prepping Ground Beef

We did the biggest shopping trip we’ve ever done at Sam’s Club.  It included a case of ground beef…. I did quite a bit with it, some of it we froze raw, ready for any creation. I also cooked up 20 pounds of it on my black stone grill (10 lbs at a time).

I also cooked up 10 lbs of taco meat one day. Followed a few days later by 10 lbs of THM sloppy joes for quick easy meals! I couldn’t believe how much sauce it was!

In addition, to spice up leftover night I have been making big batches of cookie dough and freezing it. I made peanut butter chocolate chip this time around.  I also decided to put my mixer to the test… 4 batches of my recipe makes 8 doz large cookies. we ended up making 4 doz this past weekend for church potluck and super bowl Sunday.  Here’s what my mixer looked like