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My Friday Reads

Going to try something new here and share what I/we’ve been reading. Some weeks you will get my list and thoughts, others the kids might chime in, if they wish!

My current reads:

It’s that time again! This one is new to me, but it’s helping refresh my love for homeschooling.
I’ve always loved her music and am enjoying her very hard story.
These are books I am listening to with the kids. We’ve slowed down a lot again since we are not doing as much driving, since camps have ended.

Other books I’ve finished in July:

This is the second in a series and I love this so much I pre-ordered the 3rd! Each book is based on a different couple in their small Alabama town. ❤️
This one grabbed me from the beginning and never let go. I read most of it in 2 days.
This is also 2nd in a series and I am loving it! The character development is great and the action has started early in both books so far. This series has 28 books currently and a hallmark series!

Books on my soon TBR list (the ones sitting on my nightstand or on hold at the library) are:

I don’t know much about this one but figured I would check it out.
This story sounds so interesting!

Well I hope yo keep this going every Friday, hope you will join us and share what you’ve been reading as well!