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Five things I do for Fun!

List five things you do for fun.

  • Read my books. I am currently reading The Secret History and Are You There God, Its Me Margret. I am also listening to The Reading List. With the children I am listening to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and reading aloud Three Gold Doubloons.
  • Deep dive into Bible studies from I have been working on Acts for probably 2 years, I loved Hebrews too.
  • Playing cribbage with my man, dominating in Texas 42 (dominoes) and battling it out in Ticket to Ride or 7 Wonders. We all enjoy a good family round of soccer in the yard when the weather is good or to throw the football around.
  • Crocheting on the porch with a cold drink in summer/fall with my bestie like we are little old ladies! Also with a hot drink cuddled up under blankets, a fire going and hallmark on the TV.
  • Cooking, baking and nutrition. Not always at the same time!

Now it’s your turn, share your 5 favorite things.